Taylor     Oil and Oil pen on Canvas

Dear Daddy   Pen and Ink

Grannie   Pen and Ink

Wanda   Pen and Ink

Memorial Portraits: Victims of Gun Violence:
Below are a series of drawings I am creating as a way to give back to the community. I am reaching out to families who have lost loved ones to gun violence and am making portraits drawn entirely with words describing that person. Descriptions are provided by the victim's families. The idea is to bring people together to remember those lost, and to bring humanity back into the discussion about guns. I hope to show that each individual lost to gun violence was special and worthy of true remembrance, and not just becoming another sad statistic. I am doing these pro-bono to spread love and kindness in response to the gun violence epidemic in this country. 

Jose Sanchez    Digital Drawing

Larry Lee Flaccamio    Digital Drawing

Phillip Liberto    Digital Drawing

Howard Young    Digital Drawing

Justin Williams    Digital Drawing

Danny Thomas   Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Rob Hewlett   Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Joshua Roche  Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Devante Saquan Tart  Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Christopher Allen Williams  Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Abraham Noe Flores  Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Van Blevins  Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Jon Eric R. Schwarz  Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Kendrick Allen Love    Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Aaron Marquise Brown   Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Alixander Simasr Townsend    Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Ky Elliott Jones Jr.   Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

George Armando Lopez Garza    Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Brian Bole   Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Bobby Middleton    Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Anthony Jerome Jackson   Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Jaleel Lamar Bonham    Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Kurt Lydell Levias Jr.    Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Devon Almon    Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

David Lee Cole   Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Julien Rene Wyant   Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Paul George Glover   Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Krissia Ansara Henderson Burrus  Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Juan Julio Gonzalez Guerrero  Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Robert P. Bosalvage    Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Caroline Marie Hendrix    Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Robert Romero    Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Joseph Lewis III   Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Joseph Valverde  Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Jonathan Rojas    Drawing (Digital and Pen/ink)

Felix Andre Snipes   Pen and Ink

Cory Michael Crowe   Pen and Ink

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