Honor your loved one’s memory and tell their story through a one of a kind portrait drawn entirely with words describing who they were, and the many reasons they were special and unique. Memorial word portraits go beyond illustrating a likeness of a lost loved one. Clients can collaborate not only with the artist, but also with their families to provide the text used to make up the portrait, coming together to share memories and find comfort through their grief. All portraits are hand drawn with ink, and take between 10-12 hours to complete. Clients have the option of ink on white paper or ink on grey paper. Portraits cannot be started without submitted pdf forms or photographs.

Here’s how it works:

Choose a photograph for which the artwork will be based on. For best results choose a photograph that is clear with all features in focus, and preferably with a directional light source.  Please send .jpg files of at least 1mb or higher if possible.
Download the attached pdf form and send it to friends and family so they may offer their thoughts and memories of your lost loved one, or if you choose, fill it out yourself. There is no wrong answer here, but the more text provided, the better the artwork will be.
Email forms and photos to lm@lesliemurphyarts.com with the subject ‘Memorial Portrait’.
Once your words and photos are received, you will receive your artwork in 2-4 weeks. All artwork requires a $50 deposit, and the remaining balance will be due upon completion of the artwork. Clients will receive a low resolution preview image prior to being sent high resolution images suitable for print, or any prints or original artwork. Deposits are non-refundable. Artwork will not be started until deposit, pdf form, and photos have been received.

Pricing and Artwork Options:

High resolution image to print yourself: $300
High resolution image plus 8x10 inch canvas print: $375
High resolution image plus 11x14 inch canvas print: $425
High resolution image plus 16x20 inch canvas print: $500
High resolution image plus framed 8x10 original artwork: $500
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